Transforming Customer Experience – PGV Consulting

How easily does your business track and manage customer interactions? Could you save time and money by implementing a more efficient software system? An effective growth-focused CRM system can replace outdated and slow spreadsheet, database or app systems that collate customer data. Here’s how Relevate was able to transform PGV Consulting’s CRM setup with customized software, strategies and tools to optimize their business database.

PGV Consulting is an Australian strategic planning and business development firm that works with clients to coordinate tactical business relationships as well as offering business planning, business development, mentoring, and coaching services. The founder of PGV Consulting, Paul Kennedy assists his clients with strategic introductions to enable them to connect with companies and individuals that can benefit their business. “There’s a lot of emphasis on who their ideal clients are,” Paul said. “Whether they’re accountants, lawyers, tradies, etc. Their location also matters, and the size of their business.”

Paul’s clients benefit from his extensive contact list of around 8,500 people but managing a list of this size requires a streamlined approach. Working with Zoho and Relevate, PGV Consulting’s CRM setup has been transformed with customized software, strategies and tools to optimize their business database.

Paul’s contact list for PGV Consulting is detailed and regularly updated. In addition to basic contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses, Paul also tracks whether he is connected to a contact on LinkedIn, whether he had endorsed any of their skills on LinkedIn, and any other interactions he might have had with each contact. Other specific details that he stores on the database include the client’s priority level, occupation, industry, specialty areas, location and whether there are any action items or follow-ups outstanding, previous areas of discussion, and whether the contact has consented to receive emails from PGV Consulting. Using Microsoft Excel to manage this detailed database had become time-consuming, burdensome and inefficient so Paul was in desperate need of an accurate, streamlined and professional CRM system for PGV Consulting. Fortunately, Relevate and Zoho were able to help!

Avon Collis, director at Relevate, is a CRM and marketing automation specialist who assists business owners like Paul to optimize their time using specialized systems and software to organize data and improve CRM. “Avon looked at my templates and really tidied them up,” Paul said. “There was just so much stuff there that wasn’t adding any real value. He also explained to me that I should move some of the older and less important data to the background, so the records are now so much cleaner and relevant to my business. I didn’t even know I could do that!”

These new processes and strategies provide PGV Consulting with a comprehensive, accurate and reliable database, as well as saving Paul time and allowing him to focus his attention on other aspects of his business. Paul uses a virtual assistant to manage, update and refine his CRM database. “If we send out emails and they bounce, we get a report for it. And if [I’m connected to the contact] on LinkedIn, I then ask my VA to send them a LinkedIn message. If we’re not connected on LinkedIn, but I have their personal email, I’ll write to them and request their new work email so my VA can update it in my CRM. We’re constantly sweeping and cleansing my database using Zoho CRM and keeping it as up to date as possible.”

With these tactics and systems in place, PGV Consulting now has an efficient, accurate, reliable and user-friendly database that can support a strong client base as the business grows. Going forward, Relevate will work with Paul to continue to optimize his CRM system by updating his email templates and streamlining digital systems and processes to allow his business to grow with the support of specifically tailored software and systems.

Could your business benefit from better digital strategy, systems or software? Do you have scalable business processes in place to accommodate your growing business? An efficient, sustainable, and systematic approach will allow you to optimize the everyday running of your business as well as offering a better customer experience. The team at Relevate can advise you which software will best suit your business and help you to implement CRM and marketing automation systems that will create a user-friendly experience for your customers. Our strategies are tailored specifically to your business so we can help you to build a growth plan to ensure that your business sees results sooner.