Working Smarter with Specifically Tailored Software – Little Birdy & Co.

Introducing a smarter CRM system specifically tailored to suit their business helped cake delivery service Little Birdy & Co. to really spread its wings and reach more clients more efficiently.

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How often have you been caught out forgetting a workplace birthday? Making sure that your staff and co-workers feel valued and celebrated is crucial for a happy workplace, and forgetting a birthday is a sure-fire way to make someone feel neglected. Trying to squeeze buying a last-minute birthday cake into a jam-packed working day can be a headache, and if you have forgotten altogether it’s even worse. That’s where Little Birdy & Co. comes to your rescue. Little Birdy & Co. is a reminder service that delivers cakes, taking the remembering and the logistical challenge of organizing a cake right out of your hands!

Little Birdy & Co.’s founder, Robyn Hewson, was fortunate to have a business mentor to help her turn her idea into a fully-fledged business, but it was still a very steep learning curve. “When you first start your business, everything will be a challenge. You’ve got to learn every single part of your business and have to be a jack of all trades until you can afford to outsource or employ people,” Robyn said.

During its first few years in business Little Birdy & Co. grew quickly and Robyn hired a courier service to make deliveries. Relying exclusively on spreadsheets to manage client reminders and requests as well as managing courier bookings became untenable as her business flourished and Robyn realized she needed a more efficient system. “Spreadsheets are great if you’ve got only a single screen full of information, but when you start adding extra tabs, it becomes quite difficult to navigate and find all the information you need,” Robyn said.

What Little Birdy & Co. needed was a specialized software solution to organize and manage recurring orders as well as logging client requests and reminders. After trialling several software options with disappointing results, Robyn found Zoho Creator, a low-code application development platform. Despite not having any prior experience in software development, Robyn was able to create a tailored system that worked perfectly for her business. “I knew it would take a lot of time and effort to build a bespoke system, but from pretty early on, I could tell that Creator would work for me.”

Following her success with Zoho Creator, Robyn explored the range of other business tools available through Zoho One and engaged Relevate, a Zoho implementation partner, to improve digital business processes. The Relevate team created a process to automatically generate a contact in the CRM system with every order, or to automatically update details for an existing contact when a new order is generated. The CRM system is also designed to send automated follow-ups to existing clients to remind them to update their employee birthday list.

The Relevate team has continued to support Little Birdy & Co.’s development, with their focus now shifting to helping Robyn to set up an online client portal to allow clients to edit and update their own details. By streamlining Little Birdy & Co.’s digital business processes and improving their efficiency, Relevate has allowed Robyn to simply enjoy running her business and bringing joy to workplaces across Brisbane. “I never set out to start a business. That was never my intention. And I’d never seen myself as being in the kitchen and baking for the rest of my life. But now I’ve really fallen in love with my business and can’t imagine doing anything else,” Robyn said.

Would your business benefit from a more efficient digital system or strategy that will allow your business room to grow? Choosing the right CRM system for your business can dramatically improve customer experience and overall productivity as well as giving you back time to spend on growing your business. The team at Relevate can help your business to improve its service capabilities so that you’re able to serve more customers, more efficiently using less resources.