Take control of CRM with a Zoho One guided implementation program

Australian cyber protection company SECMON1 offers clients expert assistance to ensure that they’re able to detect and avoid cyber threats such as data leaks, intellectual property theft and fraud. Here’s how introducing a a smarter CRM system, specifically tailored to suit their business, helped cyber protection company SECMON1 to get ahead of the game and market themselves more effectively.

Source: https://secmon1.com/

When most people think about cyber security breaches and data leaks, they tend to think about a faceless hacker infiltrating a website from a country far away, but the truth is that in the majority of cases, the greater risk actually comes from within the company itself. So, how can companies protect themselves against this internal threat as well as external ones? That’s where SECMON1 comes to the rescue! SECMON1 offers expert cyber protection and guidance for businesses and their customers or clients.

“The reality is that the vast majority of data that’s leaked inadvertently or maliciously is actually done by insiders, so we help organisations understand their insider risks and how to mitigate them,” says SECMON1 Director and former police detective, Christopher McNaughton. SECMON1 helps clients to minimize or avoid digital risks with industry leading data protection, monitoring services, and analytics tools that are tailored to suit a company’s specific needs.

Combatting cyber threats with SECMON1

SECMON1 was founded in 2017 by McNaughton and his two partners, David Graham and Nicholas Gontscharow, after they identified a gap in the market for customised cyber security protection for businesses. SECMON1 offers organizations personalized solutions for a range of cyber security issues, such as data breaches, risk mitigation, intellectual property theft and fraud.

Like many flourishing businesses, as SECMON1 grew, it became clear that its manual CRM systems were hopelessly inadequate and inefficient. “It was almost impossible for us to communicate everything that we wanted to communicate,” explains McNaughton, “One of the main issues was our CRM – it was just not adequate at all.” Fortunately, Relevate was able to assist the SECMON1 team to streamline their CRM with a Zoho One guided implementation program. “That went really well!” says McNaughton enthusiastically, “That gave us two things immediately. It gave us the ability to schedule a whole lot of communications […] and be very consistently present on things like LinkedIn, which is our primary social media platform. And the second space that it has helped us in is our communications on demand.” Relevate has helped the SECMON1 team to use Zoho One to automate certain aspects of their CRM. “It’s been fantastic for our presence on social media,” says McNaughton, “It’s from the dark and into the light!”

Taking control with a Zoho One guided implementation program

Relevate was able to guide the SECMON1 team through a Zoho One guided implementation program that was specifically tailored for SECMON1. The guided program allows clients to gain an in-depth understanding of how to use Zoho One for their particular business, while at the same time assisting clients during the set-up process. “Really when we got the end of the program to a large degree, we were in production everything was firing,” says McNaughton. Of Relevate’s guided program, McNaughton is effusive: “It’s a game changer really, […] it has made a significant change to our business – it has streamlined and automated things that were very manual and when they’re manual the problem is that it’s the first thing that stops happening when you get busy.”

What’s in the future for SECMON1?

SECMON1 is refining their target audience to improve marketing and ensure that the company is front of mind for potential new clients. “Now we’ve migrated everything across to Zoho One and it’s a much more intelligent platform. It allows us to understand who our customers are, when we should communicate with them, what frequency and it ties directly into email campaigns.”

How can you improve your CRM?

SECMON1 has been able to transform their CRM and overall efficiency with Relevate’s Zoho One guided implementation program. Could your business benefit from better digital strategy, systems or software? If you don’t have scalable business processes in place to accommodate your growing business, it might be time to speak with the experts at Relevate. Relevate can help you to implement efficient and sustainable systems to allow you to optimize the everyday running of your business as well as improving your company’s CRM. Relevate’s strategies are customized for your business and their experts can help you to build a growth plan to ensure that your business sees results sooner.