Implementing a Growth-Optimised CRM System: Superyachts 153°

Whether your business is just starting out or if it’s long established, having a growth-optimised CRM system that perfectly suits your business is crucial for ensuring time efficiency, smooth operating procedures, and a seamless customer experience. Here’s how the team at Relevate helped to launch Superyachts 153° into a successful future with a tailored CRM system.

Superyachts 153° is a specialized Australian land-based support for superyachts offering various services to clients including itinerary planning, assistance with visas and border entry, freight and logistics, and exclusive concierge services. Founders Corina Wilson and Dave Saul spent many years working on superyachts across the world and decided to establish Superyachts 153° after recognizing the increasing demand for superyacht support in Australia.

As part of an elite luxury-based industry, providing services to a superyacht is incredibly demanding and detail-oriented. Superyachts 153° staff must provide a premium standard of service to ensure a seamless transition into, and out of, Australian waters. To that end, founders Dave and Corina have created a strong network of local vendors and services to enable them to offer a VIP service to clients. “Being a crew member on board one of these vessels, it’s all about efficiency and pre-empting their next move. So, you want to be ahead and know what the guests and owners want before they know what they want. We want to do the same thing land-based here in Australia, pre-empting what these vessels would require and having it ready before they even know what it is that they want,” Corina said.

Harnessing their extensive experience working in the luxury superyacht industry, Dave and Corina knew that they were going to need a really efficient CRM strategy for their business to meet the exacting demands of their clients. Corina had observed the efficiency required of CRM systems at overseas superyacht agencies and Zoho was able to provide software to suit the needs of their business. Superyachts 153° needed a detailed CRM system that could manage client information, ranging from dietary preferences, to medical conditions, to small requests such as fresh flowers or onboard entertainment. “The amount of detail, and the detail across many different sections, whether it’s engineering or florist [is significant], so storing that information and having that information available, particularly at the start of our business when it’s is just the two of us is hugely important,” Dave said.

The team at Relevate was able to implement an effective CRM system to support Superyacht 153° and allow it to store and manage client information. It’s important to install quality systems, software and practices as early as possible, particularly if you work in a detail-oriented business. “So many small businesses that have everything stored in the owner’s brain and they can never sell it, they can never move it, they can never leave,” said Relevate director Avon Collis.

Data collection is an effective way to drive investment to expand a business, so in the case of Superyachts 153°, the business can use data to use to approach suppliers or to show government bodies that marine infrastructure or port facilities might need to be improved in certain areas. “Having data showing an increase in vessels coming to Australia and being able to provide a local council or state government with that data would be a huge benefit,” said Dave.

“I look forward to the potential that this can unlock for our business,” said Corina of the newly implemented CRM systems now in place for Superyachts 153°. Email automation is a great time-saver for businesses, and more efficient systems mean that Superyachts 153° is well-placed for growth and will be able to handle adding an influx of new vessels to their client list.

So, what can the Relevate team do for your business? Rather than hiring a new staff member to absorb data collection and management, or putting up with a clunky and inefficient CRM system, why not implement a CRM system that can lessen your workload and allow you to focus on expanding your business? The Relevate team can help you to choose and customize business strategies and software that will perfectly suit your business and set it on a path towards future success.